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Vaccination Mandate FAQs

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Personal information will be secure and will be kept confidentially within the university with highly limited access. Aggregate data will be used to provide information on overall trends. 

Personal information will remain private and confidential. 

For validation purposes, only select staff in McMaster Human Resources and the McMaster Student Wellness Centre will be able to access your vaccination record, testing and exemption information. 

For employees, their supervisor will only receive information that confirms they are either ‘cleared’ or ‘not cleared’ to be on campus each day. Vaccine status information will not be available to supervisors directly.  

Individuals may be required to show their green checkmark of clearance to be on campus when they receive a service (i.e., advisor meeting, Student Wellness Centre appointment, using an Athletics and Recreation facility).   

Aggregate trends on vaccination and exemption rates may be reported. 

Managers/Supervisors will receive a direct communication containing a link to access a Manager/Supervisor reporting dashboard listing ONLY their direct and indirect reports. The dashboard will include the name, McMaster email, Campus Location, and a “Cleared for Campus” (yes/no) indicator for their team members who have completed their Daily Check-In via the MacCheck digital tool. 

The decision was made by McMaster’s president and vice-presidents requiring anyone who comes to campus to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated.  The decision was informed by McMaster experts as well as the Delta variant, rising infection rates in the broader community, as well as the advice from Public Health that vaccinations are the best defence against COVID.  

This decision is in alignment with the Council of Ontario Universities who has called on the province to make vaccination mandatory at post-secondary institutions this fall. The Province of Ontario has since announced that a vaccination policy must be implemented in post-secondary education institutions by September 7th, 2021.   

The principles McMaster has followed from the beginning of the pandemic put the health and safety of our community first. The pandemic is still changing quickly, and variants of COVID-19 are spreading.  Cases of COVID are again increasing in Ontario and vaccination is the best way to limit the impact of a 4th wave.   

Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to closely monitor developments including, availability of vaccines, the pace of vaccinations, and government regulations. The university has continually evolved its guidance to keep people safe, and this is the latest iteration. 

The scientific evidence in support of vaccination as the best defence against new COVID-19 infections is overwhelmingly compelling and McMaster’s own infectious disease experts agree.

Supports and assistance are available to everyone in the McMaster community and we encourage you to reach out with questions or for any help you may need.  

Human Resources Services and Student Accessibility Services will assist with accommodation questions, concerns and requests.  

Mental health supports are available for students  and employees  and additional assistance can be found through the Student Wellness Centre and the Employee Assistance Plan.  

The Equity and Inclusion Office also offers support for any member of the McMaster community.